Quality Lawn Services, Mowing, and Yard Cleanup in McKinney, Frisco, Prosper, TX, and nearby areas.

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We are a lawn service company, but we’re more than that – we are human beings who understand the importance of integrity and customer service. Our company is composed of skilled, experienced workers who’ve been in the industry for years and have built it on a foundation of community service and a trusting customer-business relationship. We won’t let you or your property down; you can always rely on us to treat you with respect and your lawn with care!

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What We Do Best

We are backed by years of experience

Everyone has to start somewhere; even the most successful businesses and companies are brand new at some point. However, years of experience means more practice and knowledge in the field – and our team has tried the true methods we’ve built based on that experience! As our company grows, we will continue to learn and become even better than we were before.

We get the job right - the first time

No professional wants to redo a job, and no customer wants their lawn to be messed up. The only way to avoid this trouble is to get it done right the first time – simple as that. We do whatever is necessary to ensure the job is completed the first time and done with quality work to earn your trust and keep up our positive reputation!

Our community deserves the best

It may not seem like it, but everything we do betters our community – in little to big ones. Making our community a cleaner, prettier, better place isn’t easy, and we’re involved in our communities in other ways to continue to enrich and improve them! We don’t believe in being cut off or separated simply because we’re a business and will always be here for our communities.


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The Mowing R Us team is committed to providing the best quality, Quality lawn services, mowing, and yard clean up in the beautiful areas of McKinney, Frisco, and Prosper, Texas, and their nearby communities.


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