Quality Lawn Services, Mowing, and Yard Clean-ups Offered in Allen, Texas

Allen, Texas, is located in Collin County. There is just over a half-hour drive between this city and Dallas’ main city. Being part of the Dallas- Fort Worth Metropolitan area, there is a lot to explore and many opportunities to take advantage of. Allen was originally located along the Texas Central Railroad. The first train robbery occurred in February of 1878 in the town of Allen. The town was named after Ebenezer Allen, an investor in the railroad and an attorney general of Texas.

What Services Does Mowing R Us Offer in Allen, Texas

Lawn Services

Trimming shrubs allows them to keep their shape and fight the threat of disease. With our help, you’ll never have to worry about trimming the flowers before they have a chance to bloom. Shrubs are unique plants that add dimension and color to your property and easily catch the eye. Blowing plant debris off your hardscapes keeps your property clutter-free and allows the elements to reach your plant life easily. Besides, when a blower is used, all the crevices and hard-to-reach places are blown free from twigs, leaves, and anything else that could secretly be calling to those pesky bugs. Mowing R Us is the team with the expert knowledge required to keep unwanted visitors out of your landscape.


Mowing your lawn is an important detail that needs to be done frequently to keep your grass full and green. But don’t lose heart when you have a busy schedule and can’t find the time to do it yourself. Mowing R Us is a trustworthy team that works with you and your lawn. When you look out to the lawn before you, and there is more brown than green, your lawn tells you it needs help. Mowing is important to keep doing all year round until there is frost or snow on the ground because grass requires a constant supply of nutrients. Also, the longer your lawn is mowed and kept short, the better chance it has to bounce back in the spring when new life is most important. Letting us take charge of your lawn will allow your property to grow strong and prepare for the next season.

Yard Clean-up

Removing leaves from your lawn might seem a constant annoyance, but you don’t have to do it alone. Mowing R Us provides the best leaf removal in town! In addition, you won’t have to stress about how long the leaves have been on the lawn because we take care of it for you. Cleaning up the yard is a service we are proud to offer you because it shows how proud we are to help you. We understand the work and dedication given to create your landscape, and we offer a helping hand to give you a sense of relief. Each of our clients is valued, and we thrive to provide the clearest lawns on the block!
Our mission is to help others enjoy living in their homes. We value when a client enjoys spending time on their property when we have finished a project. Mowing R Us offers Quality lawn services, mowing, and yard clean-ups in Allen, Texas, and surrounding areas. Our clients are important to us, so our work isn’t done until you are satisfied with our quality. Don’t hesitate to call us; you won’t be disappointed. Feel free to contact our professional team with any questions or concerns; we look forward to hearing from you! Mowing R Us- You grow it, we mow it!

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