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Aubrey, Texas, located just an hour northwest of Frisco, is a great city to raise a family. We’re known for being a healthy town with good public schools, affordable housing, and being the unofficial horse capital of Texas. And Mowing R Us wants to do our part to keep your family’s home a nice place.

Initially founded by civil war veteran Lemuel Noah Edwards in 1867, Aubrey grew as he offered congregations a lot if they would build a church within a year. Once the Texas and Pacific railway installed tracks and a station in 1881, continued growth was assured. Edwards did much to establish and grow Aubrey in his lifetime, including making his home a social center where people gathered to play music and sing. Not included was dancing, which was forbidden at the time. Ironically, Edwards later would indirectly inspire much toe-tapping through his grandson, Louise Tobin, a prolific big-band jazz vocalist.

What Can Mowing R Us Offer Your Aubrey Home?


Every landscape is unique. But one thing that nearly every yard has (at least here is Aubrey) is a lawn. And lawns need maintenance. The most significant chunk of lawn service is mowing. But there’s more to mowing than meets the eye. Did you know different grass needs to be cut to different lengths? Or that grass height is different in warm weather than in cold weather. Mowing R Us handles it all for you.

Shrub Trimming

Shrubs are unsung heroes. Shorter than trees and less showy than flowers, we underappreciate our shrubs – but no more! Ensure your shrubs get the care they need through Mowing R Us. We trim your shrubs to get them into the perfect shape. Trimming also improves shrub health. By removing the outer extremities of branches as well as pruning unhealthy parts, the shrubs’ energy can be focused on healthy growth.


Mulch is a multi-purpose landscape tool. Mulch is an insulator, weed barrier, fertilizer, and beautifier. In the colder months, when many of your plants have died or gone dormant, mulch might be the only color in your property. So Mowing R Us mulches your gardens and shrubs to ensure they have what they need when they need it.

Flower Beds

We love our flower beds, and many homeowners spend a lot of time planting new flowers in our yards in the spring. But over time, flower beds can become unkempt. Annuals die and need replacement, mulch breaks down, and perennials lose their blossoms. Your flowers need regular maintenance to keep them looking gorgeous and healthy.

Yard Cleanups

Fall is the most common time to do a seasonal cleanup because of all the autumn leaves. We handle leaf removal, but yard cleanup includes much more. All your plants are shedding debris from sticks to petals, and over time that debris can build up and prevent your living plants from getting the light, water, and nutrients they need. We provide yard cleanup to keep your yard in tip-top shape.


One border we can all agree about is the border between our lawns and flower beds. Keeping distinct lines between the two makes both healthy and aesthetically pleasing. When the grass is allowed to creep into your beds, both suffer. That’s why when we mow your lawn, we also edge it. Then you can continue to enjoy your whole landscape as you designed it.
Mowing R Us loves your yard, but our passion is providing excellent customer service. Mowing R Us offers Aubrey, Savannah, Cross Roads, Providence Village, Lincoln Park, & Krugerville residents lawn service, mulching, mowing, edging, shrub trimming, flower bed maintenance, & yard cleanups. We treat customers and their homes with professionalism, integrity, honesty, and care. You grow it; we mow it.

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