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Flower Mound, located just over half an hour from Dallas and Fort Worth, is the largest town by population in Texas. With a population of over 60,000, most municipalities our size call themselves cities. A beautiful town, Flower Mound, came by our name honestly from a 12.5-acre mound in the town’s center. Initially settled by Presbyterians in the 1840s, it was nearly a century before Flower Mound was incorporated in 1961. In the early 70s, some residents led an effort to convert Flower Mound into a planned community. That effort was divisive and eventually failed. Since then, the nearby Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in 1974 led to massive population growth and a thriving town.

What Can Mowring R Us Do For Your Flower Mound Home or Business?


At Mowing R Us, mowing is so important we let it define us! Even though many people know how to operate a lawn mower, paying attention to the details sets MRU apart. We understand that every lawn has unique grass species and special growing conditions. So we start every lawn maintenance routine with a quality mow using our push mowers and a sharp blade!


While you may have heard it used synonymously with mowing, trimming has a different definition in landscaping parlance. Lawn trimming is the detailed work we perform to clean up anything the lawn mower missed. Yards aren’t perfectly even, and every little bump or slope is an opportunity for the mower blade to miss something. Trimmers are the perfect tool for catching what the mower left behind.


Your mulch may not be the star of your flower beds, but it is a vital supporting player that allows your flowers to shine! The contrast of dark mulch behind bright blooms is a nearly universal standard of landscaping beauty. But mulch isn’t just another pretty face. Mulching has many benefits for your landscape, such as water retention, weed prevention, insulation from hot and cold, and even pest reduction.

Yard Cleanup

It’s a dirty job, and MRU is ready to do it! We love how our plants grow and beautify our yard, but all that growth creates a lot of shedding. Yard cleanup should be a regular part of your landscaping routine, but as seasons change, seasonal cleanup becomes even more vital to your yard. Fall and Spring cleanup especially are essential to the health of your whole landscape.

Bush and Shrub Service

It doesn’t take a lot of maintenance to keep your shrubs healthy. However, a little work now and then goes a long way. Shrub trimming keeps your shrubs in the shape you want them, stimulates their growth, and keeps them healthy. We also care for your bushes or remove them if they are overgrown, and you want them removed.

Flower Beds

Don’t let your flower beds become indistinguishable from your lawn! You put a lot of work into creating your flower beds but left unmanaged, your grass and weeds will try to spread there. Mowing R Us offers flower bed service to maintain the beauty of your beds through weeding, pruning, and mulching. We’ll do everything your flower bed needs to keep them as lovely as the day you planted them.
When you need mind-blowing landscaping service in Flower Mound, call the experts at Mowing R Us for all your flower bed, lawn mowing, edging, trimming, mulching, and other yard needs. We offer excellent customer service and professional work. You’ll be proud to share your high-quality yard when we’re done with it. You grow it; we mow it.

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