Mind-Blowing Mowing, Edging & Yard Cleanup in Lewisville

Lewisville is a city with so much fun and character we couldn’t contain in just one county, so while it’s primarily in Denton, there’s a bit of spillover into Dallas. In addition, as home to Lewisville Lake (engineered in 1927), we get a lot of visitors from the surrounding area for boating during the summer. As home to abundant wildlife, thousands of years ago, Native Americans called the area now known as Lewisville home. It wasn’t until 1844 when the first settlers, the King and Holford families, founded the site as Holford Prairie Settlement. It was renamed by Basdeal Lewis in 1855 (after himself) when he bought the land. It wasn’t until the first railroad was completed in 1881 that Lewisville began to experience significant growth. The city is now home to over 111,000.

How Can Mowing R Us Serve Your Property Landscaping Needs in Lewisville?


Mowing isn’t all we do, but we understand its importance so much we put it in our name. That’s because a well-mowed lawn is a foundation that does a good lawn maintenance routine and your landscape as a whole. While it may seem like a simple task to push a mower, in fact, to mow a lawn well, you need to understand the optimal height for different grass species each season. We also ensure our equipment is in optimal mowing condition because a dull blade can ruin your grass!


Bold lines help everything stand out, from comic book action to eyeballs. Your lawn is no different. We edge to build the frame that contains your lawn and keep it separate from your hardscaping and gardens. The value goes beyond the aesthetic. Edging makes mowing more efficient (saving you money) and prevents your grass from creeping into the places it doesn’t belong, causing damage to your driveway and other surfaces.

Yard Cleanup

Yard cleanup is a crucial element of caring for your yard. In the fall and the Spring, this task gains additional importance. That’s because the changes that plants undergo during these transitions are the most dramatic, creating extra plant debris and some plant loss. We clean up these dead plants and all their shedding to give your yard a clean look and improve the health of your living plants.


You can’t have a beautiful garden without a layer of mulch protecting it. Mulch’s protection includes insulation from the hot and cold and repelling pests like slugs who don’t like to crawl over it. Mulching also prevents weeds and makes it easier to spot them if they sprout in your gardens. Finally, when the weather gets hot and dry, mulch helps your plants retain moisture by preventing it from evaporating,

Bush and Shrub Service

What’s the difference between a bushes and shrubs? It’s basically the same as the difference between a flower and a weed. You want the shrub where it is, and you may have put it there on purpose. You might say that shrubs are domesticated bushes. We trim your shrubs and trim or remove your bushes.

Flower Beds

As the stars of your landscape, flower beds need some work to stay in shape. It seems like there are always weeds that want to invade or other tasks to complete. We keep your beds free of weeds and your mulch replenished. We also handle your flower replacement, pruning, and deadheading to keep everything looking great!
For all your lawn maintenance, flower bed, yard cleanup, and other property management needs in Lewisville, call the pros at Mowing R Us for mind-blowing landscaping service. Our work is always high quality, and our customer service matches it. You can always count on Mowing R Us to deliver on our promises. You grow it; we mow it.

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