Mind-blowing Flower Bed Maintenance and Yard Cleanups Offered in Murphy, Texas

Murphy, Texas, is a small city of 25000 residents located just 20 miles northeast of Dallas. We’re known for having an excellent school system that ranks among the best in Texas, our fantastic outdoor recreation opportunities such as hiking and biking, our safe environment, and our strong sense of community. Settlers first came to the area in 1845 to take advantage of land grants from the Peters colony. The land where the founders built the town belonged to C. A. McMillan, who named the town Old Decater after his hometown. It was later called Maxwell’s Branch before residents settled on the current moniker in 1888. William Murphy provided the land for the train tracks and depot at the time, so Murphy was named in his honor. While the railroad aided growth, the Great Depression shrunk Murphy as it did many other towns.

What Can Mowing R Us Do for Your Murphy Home?

Flower Bed Maintenance

Your flowers are in a constant state of growth and change. That means they need work to stay as pretty as the day you planted them! Mowing R Us provides flower bed maintenance service to keep your flowers looking excellent all year. Our service includes mulching, deadheading and pruning, planting, and more. Whatever your flowers need, we ensure that they get it when they need it.

Yard Cleanups

Why worry about cleaning up your yard? First of all, a clean yard is a better-looking yard. But a clean yard is also a healthier yard. Plants and other debris cause problems for your grass. They block sunlight and water. They can also trap moisture creating mold. Mowing R Us provides yard cleanups to keep your property beautiful and healthy.


Mulch comes in so many colors and materials you will surely find the perfect one to complement your landscape. MRU will help you select the right mulch for your yard by understanding your plants’ needs and your home’s aesthetic. Whether you want a natural mulch made from organic material, something dies, or even a material that won’t degrade, we cover that ground.

Lawn Mowing

Mowing your lawn isn’t as simple as it seems. Pushing or riding a mower is one thing, but knowing what your grass needs is another. Your lawn’s needs change as the weather and seasons do. The right height in Spring isn’t the right height in Summer. And with over one thousand grass species, they don’t all have the same needs!


What do you call grass that’s growing where it doesn’t belong? A weed! One of the many advantages that edging your lawn offers is keeping the grass in its place by literally drawing a line. That line also makes your lawn look better by framing it. Finally, edging makes the rest of your lawn maintenance routine easier, which means you get to save on labor as a client.

Bush Maintenance

If you don’t maintain your shrubs, then they’re just bushes. Shrubs are hardy and typically perennial, but they need some help to stay trim and healthy. Beyond sunlight, water, and mulch, shrubs need trimming and pruning. Trimming keeps them in shape and stimulates growth, while pruning removes the unhealthy parts to keep the rest of the plant healthy.
For mind-blowing Murphy landscaping, contact the professionals at Mowing R Us for all your flower bed maintenance, yard cleanup, mowing, edging, and other landscaping needs. Our approachable employees provide excellent customer service and quality, dependable work. As a result, your lawn has never looked better. Mowing R Us: You Grow It, We Mow It!

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