Mind-blowing Mulching, Mowing, and Yard Cleanups Offered in Plano, Texas

With a population of almost three hundred thousand and home to the headquarters of Frito Lay, Plano, Texas, it is a significant economic driver in the Dallas Fort Worth Metro area. We’re also proud to be designated as an All-America City! Plano was home to many indigenous peoples long before white settlers arrived in the 1840s. Once Europeans arrived, they set up mills and stores to bring more people to the area. One thing Plano lacked was trees, which led to its name (Spanish for flat) once settlers established a post office here. The arrival of the Houston and Texas railroad helped Plano grow as it did many other cities in the area. Still, it wasn’t until the 1980s, after many corporations moved their headquarters here, that the population really exploded. Today we’re one of Dallas’s largest suburbs.

What Can Mowing R Us Do for Your Plano Property?


It’s hard to find something with more uses than mulch. It’s the duct tape of landscaping in that it can fix anything. Worried about your roots freezing or baking? Mulch your beds. Is your trees’ water running downhill? Mulch for water retention. Want to add color to contrast the flowerbeds to help them stand out? Mulch is also a great decoration! And that’s not even getting into weed and pest prevention.


Think you know everything there is to know about mowing? Think again. Mowing is just the start of a good lawn maintenance routine, but even mowing is more complex than you might think. For example, the right height changes with the weather and varies between grass species. At Mowing R Us, we value mowing so much that we named our company after it.

Yard Cleanups

Part of keeping your lawn healthy is keeping it clear. The more plant debris that falls on your grass, the more it’s blocked from getting sunlight, water, and nutrients. And if you have a lot of trees, shrubs, and other plants, they produce much debris as they grow. So let MRU clean up the mess your plants make and keep your lawn healthy.


The best-looking lawns have a clear definition provided by edging. We dig a shallow trench around the property’s borders when we edge. The frame keeps grass from crossing into gardens and hardscapes. It also makes mowing and other lawn maintenance go better. In addition, the edge speeds up the mowing and trimming process, so we spend less time on time-consuming detail work, saving money for the customer.


In lawn maintenance, trimming refers to the detailed grass cutting we do after we mow. Although we’re proud of our mowing, the mower can’t catch every detail. For example, no yard is perfectly level, and every bump or dip can get in the way of an even mow. So we go back over the lawn to find any grass sticking up and cut it with a trimmer so the yard looks perfect.

Shrub Maintainance

Solidly holding down the middle ground between your grass and trees, squarely site the shrub. Besides keeping something visually interesting in the midsize vertical space, shrubs also provide a hardy plant that is often the only greenery during parts of the year. So to appreciate these plants, we must provide them with regular maintenance, including shrub trimming and pruning.
For mind-blowing mulching, mowing, yard cleanups, and other landscaping services for your Plano property, contact Mowing R Us. We specialize in providing excellent maintenance services, and it shows! We also are proud of our commitment to high-quality customer service. Mowing R Us: You Grow It, We Mow It!

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