Mind-blowing Mulching, Shrub Trimming, and Yard Cleanups Offered in Sachse, Texas

Just a short drive northeast of Dallas, the tow of Sachse is home to 27,000 residents. Our 9.9 square miles cross between Collins and Dallas Counties. In the 1800s, there was a country in Europe called Prussia. Prussia is now Germany, Poland, and parts of Eastern Europe. In 1840 a Prussian immigrant named William Sachse left his country and arrived in Collins County five years later to found the town that would later bear his name. He acquired 640 acres and later 5000 more and erected a cotton mill and gin. When the railroad needed to build a depot in the town, Sachse gave up 100 feet of right of way. In exchange, the railroad, which had naming rights, named it after him. Unfortunately, due to a misprint, that name was Saxie before they later corrected it.

What Can Mowing R Us Do for Your Sachse Yard?


If you’re not mulching your property, you’re missing out. Mulch improves nearly everything it touches. Mulch makes your flower beds, lawn, and trees stand out by providing contrast, but it’s more than just a decoration. While it’s most commonly thought of as a way to prevent weeds, it also helps in spotting them, insulates your plants from cold and heat, and much more!

Lawn Mowing

Your lawn needs regular mowing to stay neat. But lawn mowing is about more than just keeping things neat and pretty. Lawn maintenance also keeps your property healthy, at least if you do it right. If you mow too high, the lawn can collapse and smother itself. If you cut too low, you can scalp the lawn, causing it to burn in the sun.

Yard Cleanups

Keeping your landscape free of trash is the minimum of what your yard needs to look good. But cleaning your yard isn’t just an aesthetic issue. It also has a significant impact on grass health. We scour your lawn for anything that doesn’t belong and remove it so your property is free and clear. That gives your grass the room it needs to grow.


Part of a beautiful lawn is detailed lawn maintenance. And while mowing is the basis for maintenance, trimming is essential to finishing all the details. Your mower does not hit every blade of grass. Some are a little lower in the ground, while others are too close to your home. We use a trimmer to catch everything the mower missed for a perfectly even cut.

Shrub Trimming

Why do your shrubs need trimming? Besides the fact that untrimmed shrubs get bushy, trimming also has a health benefit for shrubs. Trimming is the process of cutting off the edges of branches, and it helps to promote additional growth. Pruning, on the other hand, is the intentional removal of unhealthy or dead plant parts. That prevents the disease from spreading to the rest of the plant or plants nearby.

Flower Bed Service

If you want beautiful gardens, you can’t just plant them and then forget about them. Flowers need regular maintenance, particularly as the seasons change. Some of our maintenance services include planting, deadheading, pruning, and mulching. It also includes bed cleanup, removing all the plant debris and anything that doesn’t belong, or improving your gardens.
When you contact the experts at Mowing R Us, we provide mind-blowing mulching, shrub trimming, yard cleanup, and other landscaping services for your Sachse property. We ensure you don’t just love our quality work but appreciate our dependable and polite customer service. Mowing R Us: You Grow It, We Mow It!

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