Mind-Blowing Mowing, Mulching & Yard Cleanup in Van Alstyne

Van Alstyne is a city of just over 3,000 residents straddles the Texas Counties of Grayson and Collin. Route 75 runs through our city, and Dallas is only 50 miles away. There’s plenty to do inside and out in Van Alstyne between our five lovely parks and fun programs run by the library and parks and rec department nearly every week. Built in 1873 and incorporated in 1890, our city’s namesake is somewhat up for debate. It was either early Houston and Texas stockholder Mrs. Marie or civil engineer William A, both Van Alstyne and both strongly tied to the railroad, that helped the city grow and flourish.

What Can Mowing R Us Do for Your Van Alstyne Property?


A beautiful lawn is a basis for the rest of your landscape. It’s like the canvas that you paint the rest of the yard upon. So without it, you won’t be happy with the rest of your property. So we take the time to mow your lawn right. That means understanding the unique needs of your lawn, including the grass species’ ideal height and how that changes with the weather. But, of course, mowing is only the beginning of our in-depth lawn maintenance routine.


Mulching improves the look of your flower beds and the health of your flowers. That’s because mulch serves many functions beyond its look. Mulch helps your beds retain water as the year gets warmer. It also insulates your plant roots from temperature changes throughout the year. Finally, mulch prevents weeds and even deters many pests from entering your garden! Not bad for shredded tree bark!

Yard Cleanup

Why does yard cleanup matter? Naturally, you want your yard to look neat and tidy to show off all of your beautiful landscaping, but it also has health benefits. When plant debris litters your yard, every it lands is a place where sunlight can’t reach your grass. In addition, leaves and other shed plant matter may trap moisture on your grass, leading to mold and plant loss.

Shrub Trimming

The powerhouse middleweight of your landscaping, shrubs are often the only part of your yard that stay green all year. We care for your shrubs with regular trimming. Trimming not only offers a shape-up for your shrubberies. It also improves their health. Trimming your shrubs stimulates growth and removes the dead or unhealthy parts of your shrubs through pruning.

Flower Beds

In the beginning, you love your flower beds. You take a lot of time to design and plant them. But if you don’t keep up, they can quickly be overtaken by weeds and grass. Mulching is one way to help, but your beds need other care too. So we offer flower bed service to remove weeds and dead flowers and care for the living ones with pruning and deadheading.

Edging and Trimming

Edging and trimming are two of the vital finishing touches to having a neat, trimmed, healthy lawn. Edging may more accurately be called a starting touch since it creates the frame of your lawn that we mow within. It also prevents grass from spreading beyond its borders. Trimming is how we clean up any stray blades of grass the lawnmower missed or get closer to the edges of items like boulders that your lawnmower can’t reach.
When you want mind-blowing landscaping, call the experts at Mowring R Us for all your mowing, mulching, yard cleanup, and other property management nee in Van Alstyne. We’ll treat both you and your landscape with the respect it deserves. You’ll love how your property looks! You grow it; we mow it.

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