Mind-blowing Mowing. Edging and Yard Cleanups Offered in Wylie, Texas

With a population of over 60,000, Wylie is a lovely and vibrant home for its residents. A northeastern suburb of Dallas that was initially entirely in Collin County, Wylie currently spreads into Dallas and Rockwell counties too. Organized as a town in the 1870s, the area was initially called Nickelville after the first store. Later when the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railway laid tracks half a mile North of Nickelville, the town took advantage of it and grew. In 1887, they renamed the city for railroad right-of-way agent and Civil War veteran Lt. Colonel William D Wylie. The population continued to grow into the 1900s, and during the great depression, it was one of the only cities that prospered. Partly due to the need for milk that the dairy farms here produced, the city came to be known as “Wide Awake, Wylie,” which is not coincidentally the current name of our newsletter!

What Can Mowing R Us Do for Your Plano Property?


We call ourselves Mowing R Us, and we mean it! We use push mowers only to get up close and personal with your lawn, mowing everything precisely. At MRU, we understand that not all properties are the same and that every yard is made up of its own combination of grass species. We take your property’s unique needs into account every time we mow.


Edging gives your lawn the edge it needs to be beautiful. It’s the difference between a lawn that doesn’t look bad and a lawn that looks fantastic. That’s because edging helps your lawn stand out from everything surrounding it. It also creates a barrier to prevent your grass roots from creeping into places it doesn’t belong, like your gardens and hardscaping.

Yard Cleanups

As trees and other plants grow, they shed leaves, twigs, and other plant matter. None of that disappears! As plant debris lands on your lawn, it can create issues for your grass’s health. Firstly, anything on your lawn blocks it from getting light and water. Secondly, it can trap moisture and cause mold. Finally, a property full of debris doesn’t look its best!


There’s much to love about mulch. When you first apply it to your garden beds, it contrasts your flowers beautifully. On its way out, it deteriorates and becomes food for the soil. But it does quite a bit in between! Mulch prevents weeds and helps you spot the weeds that sneak by. It insulates your plants and helps them retain water. It even repels some pests!

Bush Maintenance

Shrubs are such an underrated piece of your landscape! Most of them are hardy and stay green all year. Some even bloom with flowers. All fill the vertical space between grass and trees to create an interestingly varied height signature for your yard. But to keep these stalwart-supporting players healthy, you must care for them, or better yet, get MRU to do it.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Part of what we love about our flower gardens is how they surprise us with their beauty. That’s because they constantly change as they grow, bloom, and eventually die. But all of those changes mean that your flower beds need regular maintenance. Our Flower Bed Maintenance service includes everything your beds need to stay the stars of your yard’s show.
To create a mind-blowing Wyle yard, call Mowing R Us for our mowing, edging, yard cleanup, and other landscaping services. We treat our customers and their landscapes with the care they deserve, leaving you with a property you’ll be proud to share. Mowing R Us: You Grow It, We Mow It!

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